14 October 2019

Quiet Scotland Blog Launched

Quiet Scotland has now launched a blog to complement our existing website, forum and social media.

Quiet Scotland campaigns for freedom from unwanted background music in cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, GP surgeries, hospital waiting rooms and other public places. The aim of the blog is to make it easier for us to publish up-to-date news and information about these campaigns as well as on other topics likely to be of interest to our members.

We welcome your feedback on any of the matters raised in the blog. Every post has a comment feature which you may use to let us know your opinions and to share your experiences. But note that comments containing offensive language or personal attacks will not be allowed, nor will any attempts to spam the blog.

If you would like to become a member of Quiet Scotland, please get in touch. We have a very informal membership structure. There is no charge or obligation of any kind, and you may be as active or as inactive as you wish.

You will find a lot more information about us on our main website, which also contains extensive listings of music-free shops, restaurants and bars in Scotland. We are always adding new venues to these lists, so please get in touch if you know of any that we might have missed.

We also have a forum where you can take part in more in-depth discussions about our campaigns or other matters that concern us. And we are active on Facebook and Twitter as well. Please visit our Contact page to access these features.

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